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Hi everyone and a special mention to all the Mums and Babies out there, This is our first official blog post, so I am guessing you are thinking who is Onea Skincare? what are they all about? and how are they any different from every other skincare company on the market. We’ll Let me give you some background on us as a company and what we believe in. Australian all-Natural Skincare Pty Ltd was born in 2016 and we are Proudly Australian made, owned & operated right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Along with this our Brand Onea Skincare was born, much like a new born baby I guess, every business starts small and continues to grow till they manage to crawl and to walk on their own two feet eventually. If you have not all ready guessed our exciting first release for Onea will be our Baby care range.

So how did all this come about you may ask. Onea skincare is a collaboration of two great minds coming together, yes there’s a love story in this but I will save that for another time. We might be a young company, but our experience is extensive my partner has been in the skincare industry for 15 years, also working for other major brands and having a degree in Chemistry holds us in good stead, ok about me finally! I come from a Business background, originally from Tasmania, I was brought up on a farm chasing the cows and chickens. But it was eventually time to move to Melbourne to continue my business pursuits and later on met my now future partner. With all this in place we now have future ambitions to start a family of our own, if you’re wondering yes, I’m talking about a baby. A scary experience and an exciting one at the same time as every family goes through a similar situation I guess. And with all this experience and knowledge behind us, we seen there was a need to teach and to educate mums out there about what skincare products they are using on their baby’s sensitive & delicate skin. Seriously who reads the label and understands it fully?

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So with all this in mind we began to develop, research and to create our own premium organic baby skin care range. From day one, we were committed to being a brand that parents could trust and to produce an ethically Australian made skin care line that was genuine about transparency. Onea Baby Skincare only uses certified organic and natural ingredients including natural oils, Manuka honey, vitamin-e, apple peel powder and apple seed oil. Onea Baby is pure and natural  & free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates (SLS), mineral oils, and synthetic colours, every beautiful product is made safe and chemical free to protect your newborn’s skin. Our range consists of a top to toe natural baby wash which is a soap free solution, great for babies with eczema. Our baby massage oil perfect for the mum as well, non talc baby powder with apple peel powder, natural baby moisturiser enriched with Manuka honey and our unique natural baby eczema/nappy rash cream called balm barrier balm. More info on these in future blog post. So, we have been super busy behind the scenes working with our wonderful local Melbourne, Australian manufacturer to get our baby skincare range ready for you and we can hardly believe that the day is finally here. Look out for us in the new year! We will be releasing dates soon for when and where you can purchase our Baby skincare products. Please feel free to subscribe to our blog we will be giving regular updates on our products and more importantly education tips on your baby skincare routine. Happy baby, happy life – happy mum! Regards Shannon.

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