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What Is A Perfect Skincare Routine?


There is no such thing as the perfect skincare routine. Though some may argue. The reality of having clear skin though does fully depend on how we take care of ourselves. With pollution in the daily city life or the harsh rays of the blazing sunlight, our skin indeed does indeed take a toll. Even if the term perfect skin is technically impossible, having clean and clear skin is achievable. Here are a few things that can be done if you’re looking into bettering your skin conditions.


First things first, Cleansing. While most people know that in order to have smooth facial skin, one must wash their face. Yeah, it can be summed up to just that, the go-to type of mood or do things fast and presto. But no. Simply washing your face won’t cut it. If one is using make-up, the first thing we must do is remove the makeup. After that has been done, now you can wash your face. Same goes for users that do not wear make-up. Wipe off the grime and then wash your face with soapy water.


They say the eyes are the window to our soul. It is also one of the most expressive body parts that we have. Yet many of us neglect them. In order to have the ‘perfect’ skin, we need to look out for our eyes as well. Our eye area is especially vulnerable to everyday life. We spend countless hours on our phones, computers, to put it plainly, in front of screens. This gives us tired eyes, and this beats up the eye area. Not to mention sad looking skin. To keep our eyes and around them healthy and clean, is to do wash and pamper them, approximately three times a week, as adviced by make-up artists and optometrists alike.

To make cleaning into this area, the technique is to wash your hands thoroughly. Once you’ve washed your hands, sink in a washcloth inside a basin with warm water, squeeze out the water, and with a small amount of baby shampoo dabbed onto the cloth, rub your eye area with your index finger. Making a side to side motion under your eye and over the top eyelid. Rinse and repeat for the other eye. Gently dab your skin with another cloth to get rid of excess water from your eyes and let dry naturally.


Social media is going crazy over this thing! There are videos everywhere the make-up artists apply serums right on their faces in hopes for the perfect skin.

Serums are highly concentrated in nutrients for the skin. Applying them is easy. To get the maximum benefits from the serums, first, you have to wash your face. After this has been done simply dabbing drops straight to the skin and with slow circular motions around your face will do. It seems like its a magic potion or something like it. The reason these serums work is because they get absorbed directly into the skin, instead of just sitting in your face.


As with everything, ‘perfect’ skin requires a ‘perfect’ routine. Sleep is important, it is an important part of every living thing. So when we rest our bodies are more fit and focused, and obviously happy. Sleep is wonderful! When we rest our bodies, and cells go into hyperdrive, cleaning out toxins our bodies don’t need, it’s science. So night creams? Are they really all the rage with helping our skin look healthier?

Applying night creams to the skin is very important if we want to have glowing and hydrated skin in the mornings. Night creams work by hydrating the skin and nourishing it with helpful nutrients all while you sleep. To apply the cream, it goes the same as the serum, wipe away make-up, wash your face, apply, and go to sleep. In the morning your skin will look wonderful!


There really is no excuse for one to ignore our skin. People who go about and deny their skin the right to love, go out about and seem dull. Their faces look slightly older than those who don’t watch out for themselves. No one wants to look older than they are. When you look good, you feel good, right? Establishing a natural skin care routine can not only help your facial complexion, but it can set you right on establishing other healthy routines. Which in turn leads me to:


Exercise comes with dozens of benefits. Your heart takes benefit from it, your lungs do too, and also the way you see things. Mentally and physically exercise gets you going. There have been studies made, that prove that exercising also slows down the aging process. While that in whole is amazing, the benefits of daily activity don’t end there. Everyone knows that when physically active, the heart starts pumping, and when the heart starts pumping, it promotes better circulation, and circulation leads to healthy clear skin.


Ah, a day at the beach! No not just at the beach!

Sunscreen plays a vital role in our everyday life. It protects our skin from harmful UV rays, preventing skin damages and diseases. If we want to protect our skin we have to apply sunscreen every time we will spend time outside. Even when it’s cloudy out, experts say that even those harmful rays seep through the thickness of the clouds. Now aside from all those health benefits, this lotion helps the skin prevent dark spots, saggy skin, leathery skin, and even wrinkles. Applying it to your daily routine will also help you keep a well-toned body! Applying is very easy. Simply drop some of the lotions and smear on your skin until it has been absorbed.


There’s this saying that goes, you are what you eat. Things could not apply more to reality. Yes eating healthily adds up to the perfect skin routine. How so? The ‘perfect’ skin starts with good nourishment. Cells are constantly being replaced, again science, by new cells. Eating the correct foods can prove beneficial to beautiful clear skin. When eating a correct and balanced diet, our skin will begin to glow. By eating antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, such as nuts and others, our skin becomes radiant. When adding a balanced diet to our daily lives, our skin starts to glow.

Incorporating this routine into our daily lives will obviously make us healthier. And better health leads to better skin. Watching ourselves, and sometimes even pampering ourselves, makes us better in all senses. So now, will you make the changes for yourself?

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